Steering Rolls-Royce Solutions Berlin towards their first ISO9001:2015 certification, optimizing their processes and establishing an AI-based knowledge management system as interim COO

With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, digitalization has thrown up complex challenges in lifecycle support. The future …

Hackathons are amazing and provide a tremendous opportunity to foster innovation. However, many managers are …

Integration of field devices in automation systems and ensuring safety, reliability and quality standards as head of the Device Integration Center

Setting up a customer-centric automation technology service center in Singapore as head of the service center

Transforming the Indian Development Centre into a genuinely self-responsible, innovative R&D organization as Center Manager and Director

Can a production facility’s level of autonomy be compared to the levels of autonomy now generally accepted for vehicles?

How am i going to retire from my company soon

How do i save time and additional skills to choose a new manager

How I can increase the profitability of my company

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