To win as a team


The right hat - at the right time

I attach great importance to an agile but still structured way of working. This means that decisions and procedures can be continuously adjusted and, if necessary, revised. However, equally important is to apply a structured risk management.

I prefer to work with agile SCRUM methods. Of course, simple ToDo lists or project plans with Gantt charts are also used to control the implementation.

Whenever possible, I prefer a collaborative leadership style. This is how I manage to produce results quickly in small teams. In the teams, I like to switch between a leadership, an observer and a contributor team role and change my behavior accordingly. Which hat I am wearing depends on the assignment and the expected outcome of a meeting. For effective teamwork it is important that everyone involved always knows, who has what role as this avoids misunderstandings right from the beginning.

“As a leader, I set up my team in such a way that everyone can make decisions for his or her area of expertise. If we are successful, it is because we have made it together with quick and informed decisions. That motivates everyone.”

Wilhelm Wiese

Partners & Friends

Avatyr Business Consulting
Chennai, India

Avatyr Business Consulting was founded by Arvind Vasu, an entrepreneur and professional with a rich experience in Corporate Venture Capital, Industrial Automation, Robotics, Sales & Marketing, and Management. Arvind has held several leadership roles in these fields during the course of his career. Born in Sweden and raised in India, he spent a large part of his professional career overseas during which he has lived & worked in five countries. He now offers his professional and multicultural experience to Start-ups, SMEs, Venture Capital Firms and Corporates in order to help them achieve their business goals.

C. Ganz  Innovation Services 
Zurich, Switzerland

Dr. Christopher Ganz is a thought leader on industrial innovation, digitalization, and servitization, with more than 30 years of experience along the innovation value chain.

To bring together market requirements and future technologies to enable innovative solutions is Christopher’s key motivation when developing innovation strategies.

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