Industry 4.0 in 5 steps

Industry 4.0 in 5 steps

I will secure the future of my company for Industry 4.0

I need to understand how Industry 4.0 affects my business

I am looking for an Interim Manager – Interim CDO

  1. Who leads the company with me to understand its potential
  2. Who analyzes my product portfolio, my services and my processes
  3. Who gives me a second opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of my teams
  4. Who evaluates with me our digitalization strategies and the benefits for my customers
  5. Who prepares my company for the future, from development to sales and distribution

Wilhelm Wiese is a pioneer of the third industrial revolution and points since the beginning of Industry 4.0 the way for the future of digitalization with new products, services, patents, and his book “Preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

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