In the role of Interim Chief Operation Officer (COO)

Operational development and expansion of the company through reorganization, diversification, internationalization and optimization of processes in order to successfully implement a realignment and to introduce it to the market

  • Implementation of new business models and increased efficiency through restructuring, site expansion or consolidation
  • Risk minimization of expansion plans in Asian countries
  • Faster development cycles based on customized LEAN and Agile methods from development to sales

“New technologies such as Augmented Reality in Customer Service or Work from Home via Virtual Reality will change industry sustainably. In order to keep up with the new normal and with the fast-paced and volatile market of the fourth industrial revolution, a company must be agile throughout.”

Wilhelm Wiese


Preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

A few thoughts on Organizational Structures

…, developing new business models for new industrial services is a challenge that becomes more complicated than ever once a front-ending business partner becomes involved in delivering holistic solutions. This leads to the conclusion that structuring an organization according to its value chain is no longer a suitable approach in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Just as the Internet of Things has become a complex network, organizations will have to be transformed into networks of functions that need to be continuously orchestrated and redesigned to keep pace with markets.

The concept of having a team of orchestrators is to some extent derived from the software industry, where Agile concepts such as Scrum, Product Owners, and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) emphasize rapid and flexible responses to change. Take any industrial technology or support function and you will find that today’s department managers are similar to software product owners who focus their department based on market requirements. What is missing in today’s organizational structures are the Scrum masters, who remove impediments for departments internally as well as for interactions with other teams. Cross-team collaboration is defined in a scaled agile framework as “program increment planning” where all team members – and everybody else who is involved in the common delivery – come together to develop a co-creating plan…


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Preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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