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Insights into my work

My experience is reflected in my projects and activities. Here, I would like to give you some insight. I invite you to use these references to get an idea of my work and impact. Often it is the project-specific cooperation with industry partners, service providers, universities, startups or with HR and legal experts that has made these successes possible.

I would like to highlight my first book as well as the regular publication of Industry 4.0 articles and posts on social networks at #industry4guide

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Will interim management become the new normal?

Over the last few months, I have spent loads of time exploring what #interimmanagement is all about. I met with a lot of amazing people


Can the classical role of the COO cope with the new normal?

When it comes to operational management, there have always been two schools of thought: centralization vs. decentralization of responsibilities.


Does the ‘O’ in CDO stand for obsolete?

#Interimmanagement saw its peak at the end of the 1990s when thousands of Internet companies piled into the stock market. …


How will Industry 4.0 and the Covid pandemic impact the role of today’s CTOs?

#AI and the #IOT have dramatically accelerated the speed of development in #industry while the border between #IT and #OT has vanished.


Autonomous IoT Lifecycle Management

With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, digitalization has thrown up complex challenges in lifecycle support. The future …


ABB Hack Summit 2019 – Designed for Innovation

Hackathons are amazing and provide a tremendous opportunity to foster innovation. However, many managers are …


Success story: Fieldbus technology has changed industry in a sustainable way

Integration of field devices in automation systems and ensuring safety, reliability and quality standards as head of the Device Integration Center


Success story: Consulting Business Development

Setting up a customer-centric automation technology service center in Singapore as head of the service center


Success story: Growth and improved value creation

Transforming the Indian Development Centre into a genuinely self-responsible, innovative R&D organization as Center Manager and Director


How autonomous are today’s industrial systems?

Can a production facility’s level of autonomy be compared to the levels of autonomy now generally accepted for vehicles?


Preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Book recommendation: A Guide to Tomorrow’s Technologies and Business Strategies


Industry 4.0 in 5 steps

How Industry 4.0 affects my business and how do i secure the future of my company.


Startup growth strategy in 5 steps

How do i make my startup a key player in industry


Succession planning in 5 steps

How am i going to retire from my company soon


Bridging vacancies in 5 steps

How do i save time and additional skills to choose a new manager


International cooperation in 5 steps

How to ensure a high level of employee satisfaction and productivity at all subsidiaries


Service orientation in 5 steps

How I can increase the profitability of my company


Innovation management in 5 steps

How I open up new markets with my company and grow in my existing markets.

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