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It is particularly challenging for small and medium-sized enterprises to handle the complexities of Industry 4.0, as they do not usually have the necessary expertise of a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and a Chief Operation Officer (COO) permanently on hand.

Since these roles are not permanently needed, depending on the size of the company, CEOs tend to work with consultants to develop a new strategy and then tackle the implementation on their own.

This approach poses a high risk to companies because Industry 4.0 is a very volatile market with rapid development cycles, in which “first-time right” is of particular importance.

This results in a constantly increasing need to have temporary access to industrial core competencies and experience in order to implement strategies quickly, cost-effectively, successfully and sustainably. To make matters worse, core competencies for implementing new digital strategies are in Europe often difficult, or at least only at high prices, to obtain. As a result, even small and medium-sized enterprises have already outsourced activities to Asia or have intentions to start international cooperation.

Living for fifteen years in Asia, I can say that all services are available, especially in countries such as India. However, with no leadership experience in Asia and no personal experience of how cultural differences affect collaboration, it is a great challenge to find business partners that suit your own company or even to establish your own subsidiary in Asia.

My services fill these gaps of medium-sized companies. As interim CTO, CDO and/or COO, I am running projects for several months to development new strategies as well as to implement the change in an executive role.

It is often argued that digitalization in a company is covered by the Chief Information Officer CIO. This is only partially correct. A CIO typically has an internal focus and optimizes processes to work more efficiently. Typical measures include a connection to SAP or other ERP systems or the introduction of cloud services. There is a certain overlap with the tasks of a COO if both roles are filled.

My focus as CTO or CDO is customer-centric and therefore external to lead the company into the future. My COO experience ensures an effective implementation.

My services ​

Development of international companies, businesses and business units for an increase in market share and an increased productivity.

Developing business - Realizing Industry 4.0 - Bridge to Asia

Technological innovation

Sustainable business development strategies by expanding the product and service portfolio to ensure the company’s leadership position in line with latest technology trends.


Conception and implementation of digitalization offerings by introducing latest technologies and corresponding business models in order to open up new markets for the company.


Operational development and expansion of companies through reorganization, diversification, internationalization and optimization of processes in order to successfully implement a realignment and to introduce it to the market.

„I´m preparing you for the Fourth Industrial Revolution“

Wilhelm Wiese

Are we coming together?

First and foremost, I offer my services to companies that are involved in all forms of industrial automation. My years of experience abroad has special benefits for European medium-sized companies that have or want to establish a subsidiary in Asia, but also for Asian companies operating in Europe.

Regarding the industrial specialization of my customers, I am very flexible, as I have gained experience in almost all areas of industrial automation in my role as cross-divisional development manager and as head of an international service center. My experience ranges from the development and manufacturing of industrial devices such as transmitters, drives or switch gears to automation and digitalization processes in industries such as oil and gas, chemicals, or energy supply as well as manufacturing technology such as in paper and metal processing.

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