How will Industry 4.0 and the Covid pandemic impact the role of today’s CTOs?

#AI and the #IOT have dramatically accelerated the speed of development in #industry while the border between #IT and #OT has vanished. As a result, today’s CTOs must handle far more short-term projects than ever before and cover a wider spectrum of #technologies. In addition, #corona has drastically changed how people work. Today, CTOs who personally lead large teams need to interact with individuals who #wfh and coordinate them in small, #agile teams. Consequently, in 2020 all the parameters of the triangle of people, process and technology have changed at the same time. Can one CTO handle this level of disruption or has this traditional role of top management become obsolete under these circumstances?

Ever since #interimmanagement was born around 1970, interim CEOs and CFOs have restructured or revived organizations. Now, considering the spectrum of new challenges and opportunities presented by Industry 4.0, the time has come to extend the scope of interim management to CTOs. Companies should leverage top #iCTOs capable of immediately developing and implementing technologies while making space for the next disruptive iCTO change agent.

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