Will interim management become the new normal?

Over the last few months, I have spent loads of time exploring what #interimmanagement is all about. I met with a lot of amazing people and was energized by what they said. Interim management is remarkably close to what I have done for the last 15 years as an #expat. The major difference between being a full-time CTO, CDO, or COO and being an interim manager is that the later works as a freelancer for several organizations. Furthermore, interim managers and expats are the preferred choice for #changemanagement because they offer a fresh view, take ownership of ideas through to implementation, and run organizations with a view to making themselves obsolete at the end of an agreed time frame.

As companies are challenged by #industry40 and the drastic changes in our #workculture caused by the #corona pandemic, I consider interim management to be a win-win solution for #industry and for companies that need to stay ahead of the curve by having the right top manager on hand at the right time.

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