International cooperation in 5 steps

International cooperation in 5 steps

I will expand internationally

I want to ensure a high level of employee satisfaction and productivity at all subsidiaries

I am looking for an Interim Manager – Interim COO

  1. Who leads the company with me in order to optimize our international cooperation
  2. Who analyzes my product portfolio, my services and my processes
  3. Who gives me a second opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of my teams
  4. Who has the cultural understanding to optimally connect global teams
  5. Defines processes that continuously improve the added value of our international cooperation


Wilhelm Wiese has lived in Asia for fifteen years. Throughout his tenure he has headed globally distributed teams, has built up new locations, consolidated locations and managed the spin-off of one of his business units with several hundred employees. In addition, he gained a lot of insight of cultural differences by consulting customers in almost all Asian countries.

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