Bridging vacancies in 5 steps

Bridging vacancies in 5 steps

I will use a change in my leadership team for a realignment

I need time and additional skills to choose a new manager

I am Looking for an Interim Manager – Interim CxO

  1. Who manages the company with me and maintains the operation
  2. Who analyzes my product portfolio, my services and my processes
  3. Who evaluates with me the business development potential
  4. Who gives me a second opinion on internal and external candidates
  5. Who helps me choose a successor and supports him or her initially


Wilhelm Wiese has realigned a global development center with more than 1000 engineers, restructured the management and introduced methods such as Agile and LEAN Six Sigma to optimize value creation and international cooperation. Over the years, he has personally evaluated well over a hundred candidates for the successful filling of vacancies in management and technical key positions.

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