Does the ‘O’ in CDO stand for obsolete?

Does the ‘O’ in CDO stand for obsolete?

#Interimmanagement saw its peak at the end of the 1990s when thousands of Internet companies piled into the stock market. IPOs were often led by interim CEOs or CFOs because experience and speed were the main criteria. Today’s hype in #digital, when CDOs try to pump up a company’s share price with digital transformations, is quite similar.

However, digital transformations are extremely complex and often address multiple domains, such as #supplychain, #ecommerce, #processautomation and #autonomous systems. Can one individual handle all these transformations? What happens to a #CDO once the transformation he or she was hired for is completed?

In the age of #industry40 and considering the uncertainties associated with the #covid pandemic, interim management is a win-win because it provides top management expertise when and where it’s needed without long-term contracts or obligations. Hence, the time has come to extend the scope of interim management and to engage interim CDOs. Such CDOs will be empowered to develop and implement digital transformations and will hand over their work to the permanent leadership team at the end of their project, while opening the door to the next disruptive #iCDO.

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