Success story: Business growth built on quality assurance and AI-based knowledge management

Success story: Business growth built on quality assurance and AI-based knowledge management

Steering Rolls-Royce Solutions Berlin towards their first ISO9001:2015 certification, optimizing their processes and establishing an AI-based knowledge management system as interim COO 

Rolls-Royce Solutions Berlin GmbH

Industry – Microgrid solutions, renewable integration, energy storage


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Situation in the company: 

The former startup Qinous GmbH operates under the name of Rolls-Royce Solutions Berlin GmbH as of 4th June 2020. Rolls-Royce Solutions Berlin is the competence center for microgrid solutions and is in the state of getting seamlessly integrated into Rolls-Royce Power Systems.

Own role: 
Interim COO

Local – Berlin, Germany

Pave the way for the integration into Rolls-Royce Power systems and a fast international business growth. Therefore, Rolls-Royce Solutions Berlin sought external expertise to prove its international quality standard, to harmonize interfaces within its larger parent organization and to find an efficient way to spread knowledge about their products and services.


  1. Identifying and reviewing all relevant business processes and their internal interfaces as well as towards its parent organization
  2. Establishing a quality management system in compliance with ISO9001:2015 and guiding Rolls-Royce Solutions Berlin through its first TUV Assessment
  3. Introducing a legal register that details and monitors legislation that Rolls-Royce Solutions Berlin has to be compliant with
  4. Establishing an AI-based knowledge management system by evaluating startups which support digital assistance for industrial applications


  1. Rolls-Royce Solutions Berlin passed its first ISO9001:2015 audit without any non-compliances or major findings
  2. Rolls-Royce Solutions Berlin has a quality management system which fulfills market requirements. The QMS is compliant with and ready to be integrated into the Rolls-Royce Power Systems QMS
  3. A three-month pilot project has proven that a digital assistant (Chatbot) supports global and local growth due to an efficient knowledge transfer to global service teams and new employees

Key to success: 

The management as well as the employees were from the first day eager to standardize their way of working to increase their efficiency and open to new technologies like AI to offload the burden of continuous knowledge transfer and thereby to be able to focus on their core business.

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