Success story: Growth and improved value creation

Transforming the Indian Development Centre into a genuinely self-responsible, innovative R&D organization as Center Manager and Director

ABB Global Industries & Services Pvt. Ltd. (GISPL)

Industry – Software Development

> 50 million euros

> 1000

Situation in the company:

The development center in India was mainly processing work packages while the responsibility for product and service development stayed in Europe or the USA.

Own role:
Head of the Corporate Technology Center and Director of the GISPL Board of Directors

Local – India

Transforming the center into a genuinely self-responsible, innovative R&D organization for the development of products, service offerings, technologies and technology platforms for all ABB business units


  1. Identifying the center’s strengths and potentials and monitoring progress through the developing and introducing an annual People Net Promoter Score (People NPS) survey

  2. Introducing Agile Working Methods and LEAN Six-Sigma as well as harmonizing these changes with other global development sites for a more efficient collaboration

  3. Restructuring of the organization for faster decision-making and introduction of a coaching and mentoring program for the professional development of employees


  1. At the end of the project, the full responsibility for the development of numerous products and services of several business units of ABB had been successfully relocated to India

  2. Growth of about 30%

  3. Today, the center in India generates numerous patents every year

Key to success:

The employees quickly accepted and developed the People NPS program as well as the resulting coaching and mentoring program for their own professional development. That I myself worked as a coach and mentor with employees of all levels was well perceived

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